About the Mane


I started this company after growing a beard and trying out many beard products through the years.  Working long hours in extreme heat...I needed something that would help my beard stay healthy.  Some products worked better than others.  Some just had a good smell.  Some were close to what I was looking for but just not perfect.  After months of trying to put together the right combo of carrier oils and fragrance oils.....I finally figured out what my skin and beard craved!  I took samples to friends and strangers with beards to try them out.  Got great feedback and took all the suggestions into consideration.  So here we are!!

All the products are made and handled by myself until it is shipped out.  I am constantly looking to improve....so you may see things change from time to time.  Even so the end goal will always be the same.  To give you that mane you want and keep it healthy!!


Devin Manning

Owner/Bearded Brother